Angkor Wat History Books

Want to travel to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat? As you may have read news, reviews, and travel guides on the web, you may have been amazed and fascinated by this wonder of the world. Are you going to visit Angkor Wat or are you interested in history and archaeology?  To help you getting in-depth knowledge about the history the Cambodian ancient temples across Siem Reap and other parts of Cambodia, this is list of selected books about Angkor Wat you may want to read.

Angkor Wat: The History and Legacy of the World’s Largest Hindu Temple

Did not realize that the Angkor Wat Temple complex was Hindu? This book centers around the architecture of the temples that were influenced by Hindu and Buddhist religion. The featured photographs make this book very worthwhile.

Angkor: Cambodia’s Wondrous Khmer Temples

If you’re interested in detailed monument-by-monument itineraries and maps to the temple sites, this is one of the few books you should read. In some way, this book is like the bible for any visit to the temples, including the best restaurant tips.


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