How to Set Up an Online Store (a brief guide)

How to set up an online store is a brief guide that aims to show how you could build your own online store to showcase your products and make it accessible on the internet 24/7.

Everyone can do it. No expertise or coding required. Additional to this brief guide, I plan to write an ultimate step-by-step guide on the same topic.

But I like to get confirmation first if anyone interests in reading this. It would contain everything in details, with screenshots and walkthrough.

After reading this brief guide, if you are interested in going more deeper and know exactly the steps, raise your hand in the comment session. It would give me a green light to spend time on creating the guide.

I don’t want to create something that no one cares to read. You got my point.

I recently set up an online store for my wife. If you want to have a look, you can go to the store via this link:

There are a lot of contents need to be added to the store but I’ve just wanted you to have a sense of what an online store can be.

It was built using WordPress, WooCommerce and StudioPress theme. These are the 3 pieces of the Technology that would help you to build an online store and make it running in a couple hours.

The combination of these 3 platforms will allow you to have an online store that is easy to set up, flexible, robust, and secure.

You can still continue selling your products on Facebook but at some point, you might want to have your own platform which you can have 100% full control over it.

Have you imagined, what can you do if one day Facebook decide to close your account because someone submitted a complaint against your page?

Moreover, you can showcase your products in a better order, by category or whatever you want to group. It provides access to your customers 24/7 to browse and purchase. They also can give reviews to the products.

The most benefit of having your own store is to reduce the frequency of the most popular question “Hm” on your Facebook page. It took me a lot of time to figure out “Hm” mean “How Much”.

If you are running a Facebook page, you know exactly how painful it is to spend a lot of your time responding to the same question again and again.

If you switch all the sale transactions to your store, you will receive email notification only when someone places an order.

Will this make a big difference to you? I bet so.

You will have more time to live your life and spend time with your family. You can say goodbye to Facebook messenger notification that disturbs your sleep in the middle of the night.

Now, if I have your attention and you agree how critical it is to have your own store, let’s go to the technical part.

What do we need to set up an online store

There are a lot of platforms out there that allow you to build an online store. Shopify is the most popular platform. I never use it. So I cannot share how good it is. But it comes with a basic monthly fee + transaction fee. I am not sure if there’s any payment gateway supports Cambodia.

The reason I recommend to set up your store on WordPress because it is a Free platform. I don’t want you to pay an additional fee for your store before you can make your first sale.

Here are the tools you need to build your online store:

1. A domain name and a hosting account

You might say I am a liar. Now I want you to buy stuff. Yes, these are the basic elements you need before you can have a website. You need to register a domain name and host WordPress on a server.

You cannot get it for Free. It is not expensive either if you compare to the shop rental cost. In general, you would need to pay around $200 per year for a domain name and a good hosting account.

I am using SiteGround. I like it because their hosting account has a very good performance. I never have any downtime and their support is great.

You will get a 60% discount on your first order if you use my affiliate link: SiteGround. I will earn a commision if you decide to purchase from them. Otherwise, there are a lot of good hosting provider out there.

2. Install WordPress and WooCommerce

SiteGround offers 1-click WordPress installation.

If you need more help on this step, let me know in the comment session. As I mentioned in the beginning, I plan to write a step-by-step guide but I need to validate if anyone needs it.

After you install WordPress, you need to install WooCommerce plugin.

After you complete these 2 steps, you already have your store up and running. You can add your products and set up the delivery charge etc.

3. Purchase a StudioPress theme (Optional)

I built my wife’s store by using one of the themes from StudioPress.

I used StudioPress for quite a few years now. I like their themes because they are clean and easy to customize without any coding.

Their latest themes fully support WooCommerce. They developed a special plugin called Genesis Connect for WooCommerce to facilitate the integration between the 2 platforms.


Now, you see it is quite simple to build your own online store. There are of course a lot of details to accomplish this. If you feel like you want me to walk through the process and provide a step-by-step guide, all you need to do is to express the need in the comment session below.

To write the ultimate guide, I would need to work a lot and before I decide to do this, I need you to confirm if it could be useful for you.

I am looking forward to hearing your thought about having an online store and how much help you need from me.

In meantime, take care.

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