I Am A Quiet Professional

I first heard the word “Quiet Professional” from one of my favorite podcasts The Art of Manliness. It is quite interesting. There are a lot of things I can relate to.

I managed to switch myself from the guy who talks to the guy who actually does the work, consistently with patience and trust on the process.

I commit myself to write more. This is something I like to do the most. I am not sure if people still like reading but I will keep writing.

Writing allows me to get the ideas out, providing useful information to people who need it. I received one comment that I didn’t have time to reply yet.

Am I get paid for it?

I get some. Not directly but through my affiliate links. I should keep writing and publish a book. It doesn’t matter if nobody buys it. The important is writing is something that makes me fun, exciting and helps me to find the meaning of life.

I don’t judge on the ideas. You can think or say anything you want. It is the results that matter.

I saw people named themselves “Expert” of this “Expert” of that. I am not sure if they know anything better than me.

I am just a human.

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