Oasis Capsules – A New Hostel In Siem Reap

Are you looking for a good hostel to stay in Siem Reap?
I like to introduce you a good place: cheap, safe & sound, convenient and comfort.


Oasis Capsules is a new hostel, recently opened its doors and get a lot of good feedbacks from their customers via TripAdvisor.

People admired about their hospitality, helpfulness, and cleanliness of the hostel.

Are you curious who is managing this little nice place? His name is Steven. He’s not Barang, he is Khmer. It surprised me to learn that he’s actually a Cambodian guy.

Steven has a very strong background and expertise in the hotel. Before he started his own hostel, he used to work for luxury and top hotels in Cambodia such as Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa, Song Saa Private Island and Shinta Mani Club and Shinta Mani Resort.

The hostel is a result of determination, self-discipline of a young boy who walked 24Km every day to go to high school. It’s not easy to start a business on our own.

Steven said:

To be out of the full-time job, it won’t be an easy decision which it happened to me. However, this is the very high decision that we needed to take and commitment, whenever you are committed to moving on then you will be there.

Steven is an example of a typical Cambodia who doesn’t wait for the luck or complain about his situation. He created opportunities and transformed obstacles into successes.

He mentioned:

The reason I am running the business I am aiming to move Cambodian people from unemployable to employable. At the same time, I also wanted to drive Cambodian people to get to know more about hospitality. Growing the young generation career is a plus.

Steven currently lives in Siem Reap, his hometown, with his wife and kid. I am sure his hostel business will grow fast.

To get more information and book your bed, visit oasiscapsules.com

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