We’ve Finally Moved In

We’ve finally moved into our new home. This is the first post from my home office. I’ve finally had a desk to work on. The kids are excited to run and play.


At the same time, we are so busy in preparing the new house.

This is the first day I start my morning routine. I woke up at 04:30 AM. I hope to be able to keep this ritual because it is important for this website to have regular updates.

It’s not easy to make the balance between family and work. However, I always give priority to my family. They are very important to me.

What will change from now on?

This new house means a lot to us. We have a bigger space to live in. And for me, I have a place to work on my online business. More posts will come, regularly! I will be able to concentrate as soon as I woke up and walk into my home office.

I asked my wife to have a room for me to convert it into my working space. I am alone and free to think of what can I improve the quality of life. There’s no more excuse to make.

Providing insight information about Cambodia is still my passion. It’s a personal affair I am having with my country. I think it is important to have a voice like mine from a country where people think it’s corrupted.

I am happy to introduce any business or service. Just in one condition. It has to be useful to others. I will accept a few, to begin with. I will use my copywriting skill to write about your business. It’s quite similar to what I did for Oasis Capsules and BookMeBus.

I plan to write more specific posts on Cambodia travel guides. My idea is to write a complete book about “The Best of Cambodia”. First people need to understand what happened to the country. Then what can they benefit from their first travel? It starts with the understanding of Cambodian history and introducing the best places, hotels, and restaurants.

What do you think? How this make sense to you?

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