Our most popular blog posts of 2016

CamboPedia.com wants to be a blog where you can rediscover some beautiful things about Cambodia. Starting mid 2016, we reactivated this Cambodian-run blog to offer our readers more original quality content. We’re not there yet. However, we’re on the early, right direction to get there. We want travelers and and expats in Cambodia to get to know more about this country through Cambodian perspectives or Cambodian lens.

We took a look at our data to list down 7 most popular blog posts for 2016 on cambopedia.com:


Pokémon GO in Cambodia? Yes you can!


Where to buy Apple iPhone 7 in Phnom Penh


Choosing the right kindergarten for your children: in Cambodia


5 Phnom Penh-based startups you should know


Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh


The Giving Tree School: Review


Cambodia’s 5 job websites you should know

We look forward to 2017 for some more interesting things to happen to cover and feature here. We’ll cover more of Cambodia travels, restaurants (eat), tips and tricks, school reviews, and many more. We’ll provide more recommendations through Cambodian or local bloggers. So we’re hoping you’ll enjoy more from our blog than ever before. It’s take years to repurpose this Cambodian travel blog. Also, we’re taking a closer look into how we can offer best content and information to our readers. Job information, online forum, and guides are something most people

If you’re interested in contributing, please contact us here! We’d love to get more practical experience and insights from fellow travelers and expatriates.

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