Around Cambodia with Sin Sisamouth, the king of Khmer music

Cambodian legend Sin Sisamouth isn’t known as a seasoned traveler. He’s popularly known as Cambodia’s most celebrated singer of all time. Throughout his life and music, his audience can learn so much about the country. Most of his songs remarkably tell the romantic tales of most of Cambodian provinces. From Battambang to Kampong Cham to quiet beach town Kampot, it’s as if singer Samouth enjoyed his time communicating with a local woman (Bopha or flower) in those places.

Kolab (flower) Battambang
Singer: Sinn Sisamouth

This is one of the most beautiful song that Sinn Sisamouth the most celebrated singer expressed his romantic feeling toward a Battambang woman. In the song, he’s telling his audience that he’s back to Battambang province after 10 years. And he’s longing for the Champa (also flower). The genius singer even suggested the Battambang woman he’s in love with better a Siem Reap woman.

This one-hour YouTube alone has all one songs about Cambodia’s Battambang stories.

Champey siem reap is also a nice song. Samouth’s talent got him to brilliantly flirt with another woman (whom he called Champey or another flower name) in Siem Reap.

Kampot Kompoul Doung Chet (Kampot from the bottom of my heart)

There more here in which the Cambodian singer sang Pailin, a Cambodian border with Thailand. It’s as if he traveled across Cambodia for the songs.

At Cambodian or Khmer wedding reception or party, this is the best song to feature. The song title could be literally translated as ‘Fortune’. Not any Cambodian men can beat Samouth when it comes to praising a woman he’s falling in love with.

In Cambodia, not many young people are interested in his Samouth songs. But time and time, his songs are well alive until now. One of the notable thing his fans often mention is that Sin Sisamouth’s songs are timeless. The more they listen to his, the better they’re entertained. His songs are not just a one time off playback that you don’t want to replay.

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