The Croods – One of the best Movies for kids

It’s not easy to find a good movie for our kids to watch and enjoy. Some movies are too boring. Some are too complicated to understand. Some show bad behaviors and violence.

I found “The Croods” made the exception to become one of the best movies for kids of all ages. My kids enjoy watching it many times and each time they always laugh out loud.


The Croods is an animation movie made by DreamWorks Animation. It has been released in 2013. It’s a story of a family who survives in the pre-historic time by following one single rule of the leader of the family “don’t try new thing”.

They always stay in the cave. When night arrives, the father closes the cave. He gets everyone inside and he tells the story until they all fall asleep.

But his rule doesn’t work anymore when the earthquake arrives and destroys their cave. They have no choice but to move to a new place where the adventure begins.

Everything is new to them. They need to find foods, the place to stay and defend themselves against the enemies who come from everywhere.

The movie will not only entertain the kids but also to parents and the whole family.

Check out the trailer below:

It’s available to watch online via Amazon Instant video.
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