How to Deal with Fake News

Are you attracted to the leaked news? To the impossible things? To be the first person to know the secrets?

Welcome to the era of fake news.

Fake News

You got thousand and thousand of shared articles on your social media feeds. Some people even share those articles without reading them.

You are addicted to the wrong stuff.

Those articles are written to get clicks, to get you to their websites so that they can make money.

If you continue to click, to share and to read those fake news, you are wasting your time my friends. For nothing.

You should spend your time with your family, your kids and your friends. Make yourself free from the screens and phones.

Here are the few tips to deal with fake news:

1. Read only from trusted sources

Fake News

I don’t know about you but I only read news from majors publications. A good media company need to mention their sources and built their reputations.

2. Don’t share article without reading it

Fake News

It could have bad consequences when you share the sensitive news that is not true. It affects people feeling. They are your friends. They might trust you and they might share it with other friends.

Remember fake news spread very fast.

3. Believe your instincts

Fake News

Extraordinary things happen sometimes but not often. Before you believe in something, Google it and see if there are major publications talk about the same things. If nobody else talks about it, it is a fake news.

4. Protect yourself

Fake News

I will unfriend and unfollow those who share the fake news. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to waste my time analyzing it. Because if you don’t protect your time, they will steal it from you. For their own benefits.

Can you share what are your favorite sources to read news related to Cambodia? and your favorite local newspapers that publish in Khmer?

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