There is a Time for Everything

There is a time for everything

Work life balance is a trend that is happening now and it will become more and more serious in the future.

Everyone wishes if they had more time. But actually, there is a time for everything.

I was struggling with finding time to write and blog. I made so many excuses. I put the blame on my job, my family and even on my government.

I waited for something to happen. But it never comes. My life stayed the same and it will never change.

Until one day, I changed my mindset.

I forgive myself. I am just a human. I can’t solve all the problems but I will do what I can do. I stopped waiting for something to happen. I stopped blaming on anyone. I started doing something every day.

I experienced to schedule different activities at different times.

As the result, I can find easily one hour every day to write. I have one hour to teach my kids every night. I have 30 mins to run each morning. I recently brought my wife to watch Wonder Women together in the theater.

That’s a life-changing for me.

I started to have confidence in myself. I set how much I am worth. If someone wants to hire me to write, I now know how much I am going to charge for my work.

If someone asks me to provide consulting services, I now know how much I am going to charge to my clients.

I dare to write a proposal that will cost $5,000. That’s just because of one decision.

Are you struggling with the same thing? Are you waiting for a good time to start doing something?

My best advice for you is to start doing it now. Make the time for it. Experience with it and adjust yourself to the outcomes.

Just remember there is a time for everything.

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