Khmer food restaurants in the heart of Phnom Penh

Whether you’re a tourist or an expat, the craving for Khmer food is just normal. You want to taste the Cambodian cuisine, but which restaurants in Phnom Penh that offer something authentic and local experience? Here are some selected local restaurants you should check out when you’re in the capital city:

K.E Cafe (Khmer Enterprise)

Started by a Cambodian entrepreneur who aspires to bring home-made, healthy Khmer food to the world. One of its popular dishes is the Red Noodle, made of beetroots. Inside the restaurant and cafe, you can get a sense of local with the interior design and oldie Khmer instruments. Currently, there are two locations in the city. The first one is on Kampuchea Krom boulevard, near the 7 Makara bridge. The newest opening is in the crowded cafe and restaurant area, Beng Keng Kang 1. Just close to fast food KFC outlet.

Labaab restaurant

At first glance, you may not know that there is a nice restaurant on the second floor of the old building. But the hidden gem is there where you can indulge in a very Khmer setting of eating Cambodian food of Battambang. A full of review of Labaab restaurant here in our previous post.

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