Phnom Penh markets: a mini guide

This is a guide shopping in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital city. All these Phnom Penh markets have their great selections and offers. There is no single market that has everything for every buyer. Whether you need to do your regular groceries shopping to electronics products, I have you covered. 

The Central Market (Phsar Thom Thmey)

One of Phnom Penh’s largest and oldest market, this is where middle class and higher rich local Cambodians love to come shopping. The Central Market is also known for having fresh seafood.

Russian Market

or known as Tuol Tumpoung among locals is popular for visitors and tourists to shop gifts to bring back home. International brand clothes and shoes are available on sale at a reasonable price. Most of the American and Western brands are produced at factories in Cambodia, so that’s one of the reasons you can buy jeans and t-shirts way cheaper than stores in New York city. In the Russian Market, you can also indulge in Cambodian food and snack. 

Aeon mega mall (on Sothearos Boulevard)Just Macy’s in New York, Aeon is the largest shopping mall in Phnom Penh.

Night Market

On Sisowath Quay near the riverside, the Night Market is a local marketplace for tourists and Phnom Penhers.

Thai Huot Market

bigger than 7 Eleven convenient nstore, Thai Huot is a supermarket. As of 2017, it has two locations in central city, one on Monivong Vong Boulevard and the newest one in Beng Keng Kang district. Thai Huot Markets source some of the best products from the United States of America. So if yoi can’t find your American groceries or multivitamins anywhere else, then you should head to Thai Huot Market.

Bayon Market

is similar to Thai Huot. Bayon Market also has a good selection of items from abroad. Located in good locations  in Phnom Penh, the first Bayon Market is on the Russian Federation Boulevard and the latest location is in Tuol Kork district.


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Source: Cambopedia – Phnom Penh markets: a mini guide