Kon Khmer Koun Khmer To Bring A New Quality Film To The Big Screen

Pram Ang is a film project of Kon Khmer Koun Khmer that will show the lives of 5 children, told from 5 talent directors.

It’s a side project and a very cooperative work. It took them quite some time to bring a new high standard film into the big screen.

There’s always a new way, a better way to tell stories. We just need to focus, be patient and work hard. There’s no doubt this is a result of wanting to show something new to Cambodian film industry.

I know most of the directors. To know more about their work, I have asked my friend SUM Sithen, the producer of the film, some inside information. Here what he answer me:

Santel: Congratulation for the release. It has been a long journey. It took almost 4 years from production to its premiere. Can you describe what are the most difficulties in making the film?

Sithen: My main difficulty in producing – if not making- this movie is to coordinate the workflow of our five directors. It’s one thing to supervise one director at a time. It’s another to oversee five of them almost simultaneously to race against time. Each of them tended to have their own commitments other than this project itself. Unfortunately, so did I! Still, we kept the common spirit to push it through the end. The next challenge was to raise and manage our funding. As time goes by, so does our budget. So we had to find creative ways to cover all expenses until we complete our cinema premiere. Submit this whole movie to other film festivals is another issue to tackle! Hopefully, the proceeds collected from our ticket sales will suffice to break even or if possible, yield in a surplus to sustain our next activities.

Santel: I watched the trailers. The film has a very good quality in both sound and image. Can you let us know more details on post-production process?

Sithen: The post-production process was probably the most painstaking for us. We neglected some technical aspects during the shooting. So a lot needed fixing in the after-match, especially with sound effects. We spent one solid year just polishing the sound of two shorts of the five! The reason, both our directors and sound technician were taken with other projects at the same time. Also, it was done on a low-budget basis. But our post-production activities did not stop at this technical stage. Once we knew our movie is ready to show in public (again), we set out to meet cinema and other partners for media and outreach campaigns and screenings. We’ve been lucky to get supported by Major Cineplex by Cellcard, MyTV, Sabay, Siqnature Design, just to name a few.

Santel: All the 5 stories are interesting. I am sure the audiences will be impressed by the talent of each director. After this one, do you have the plan to produce another film? Maybe a full-length one?

Sithen: I personally don’t have the plan to produce another feature film like this. But one of our directors is considering this option or extension into a sequel, like Pram Ang 2 on women’s issues. Again, the idea has floated around until now! If it ever happens, I’ll be happy to give it my input as an advisor, rather than getting fully involved like now.

Santel: I am sure the film will raise awareness and make attention to the children’s issues in our society. Can you confirm if the film is suitable for children? Is there any age restriction to watch the film?

Sithen: For sure, this is a movie for the general audience, specifically suitable for children. However, you don’t want your loved ones at 5 of age and below to see this, as they may not comprehend what it is about! Be careful how they might freak out, as in other shows, when you take your toddlers to the cinema!

Santel: I saw the announcement on Facebook that we can book the ticket now. What they need to do if someone want to book the ticket?

Sithen: Easy! Just dial 098363702/011754142 and tell them your need some tickets. Once booked, they should come and collect these at least 24 hours before the actual show time they’ve booked. The pickup points will be at our office from now until June 27 and at the cinema’s lounge from June 28 to July 07. Here are the schedules available:
– July 01: 02:00 pm, 03:40 pm, 05:20 pm;
– July 02: 2:00 pm, 03:40 pm, 05:20 pm;
– July 03: 2:00 pm, 03:40 pm, 05:20 pm;
– July 04: 05:30 pm and 07:10 pm;
– July 05: 05:30 pm and 07:20 pm;
– July 06: 05:30 pm and 07:20 pm.

By the way, it’s only showing at Major Cineplex by Cellcard.

This the trailer of the film:


A Moment01

Director: Rithea Phichith

A boy has lost his mother and lives with a father who has recently re-married. This film deals with the supernatural, but its underlying message is that love can conjure up the impossible.


Pros Thom01

Director: Chhorn Bunhom

Pros Thomas has to outwit the Khmer Rouge guards to keep his younger sister and brother alive. Betraying the Khmer Rouge collective system, where everything is communal, he steals eggs for his younger brother, catches fish for his mother and cooks chicken in a teapot to fool the Khmer Rouge guards. He is an individualist amongst the communists, a color in the world of black clothing – a survivor resisting the all-seeing, magnificent and extraordinary revolution: a revolution that claims the life of his father, sister and countless relatives. Pros Thom is eight years old; the year is 1976. Cambodia is the land of the living dead, a hell on earth. Hope is faith. God is nowhere to be seen.


Red Ink - still 03

Director: Ly Polen

A young girl of the fishermen parents is said to be raped by a grown up boy, who is her boyfriend. Ever since, her fear puts her in silence. Until a day when a danger threatens her younger sister, she soon realizes that the only way to save her sister is to break the silence.



Director: Lim Sipheng

Vattanac is a nine-year-old orphan living on polishing shoes, from café to café. Every customer likes him for his personality. One day, he meets, Thom, a single forty-year-old businessman. Every time Vattanac polishes his shoes, he asks the man about his life out of curiosity. From a customer-to-supplier relationship, Thom and Vattanac eventually develop their friendship and beyond, given Vattanac’s virtue and intelligence.



Director: Wathanak Han

Longing to go to school, Veasna works in the field with his uncle, feeding cows. When Sophal leaves one day to go fishing Veasna spots a nearby classroom and goes to watch the lessons in secret. On a day when the unattended cows eat vegetables from a villager’s farm, Veasna is thrown out of his uncle’s house. He moves to live in a pagoda, and at last, he gets to learn alphabets.

My favorite?

I like the opening scene of Veasna. I like the way Wathanak use one single shot from inside the classroom, until a student come out to ring the bell for a break. It’s very creative.

For more trailers, you can visit Kon Khmer Koun Khmer YouTube Page.

See you at Major Cineplex Aeon.

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