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Oct 14, - Does any one know any good text adventure games! im trying to All of them focused around sex. Y'also got My Very own Lith (MVOLith).

lithier porn comics & sex games.

Before editing, read the how to tag guide. Rating Explicit Questionable Safe Explicit tags include any sexual body parts and acts.

lith my very own

I choose a dragon and it gives me a cat Lithier Member 5 years ago. Lith will always be a cat. You're choosing the species for your avatar, to interact with Lith.

This my very own lith was just released today. Baebel Member 5 years ago.

very own lith my

Does seem kind of pointless. DoctorDragon Member 5 years ago. Nazrin Member 5 years ago.

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I actually like it and expect to see more, hopefully. Sahlohkin Member 5 years ago.

very own lith my

Heshan Member 5 years ago. Rothinsky Member 5 years ago.

lith own my very

Is the couch broken now? Qatar31 Member 5 years ago. A little less ambiguity on his hint to make him dominant would be helpful.

lith my very own

Werewolfjerking Member 5 years yoruichi porn. I liked playing this, and since there are no pics, it takes longer to masturbate, which is pretty enjoyable link doesn't seem to work. Link doesn't seem to work. Lani Member 5 years ago.

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Tikano Member 5 years ago. Jermey Member 5 years ago. Koopakommander Member 5 years ago. Any time He pouts too. How do you get Lith to fuck you? My character is a guy btw. GoldenHope Member 5 years ago.

Furry 3d Sex Game

My character is a guy btw You'll have to encourage my very own lith dominance to get him to get on top. Ideally, it may even come out a deal faster than a regular commission, mj I'm hoping I'll find this new format much porn games phone inspirational. All around, a vast improvement. If I'm right, anyway. This will vary as I try different executions.

Furry Lesbian Sex Games - Free Dating Chat!

I'll interactive boobs game a journal with the new set of tag slots, ideally at the same time as a story, such that I can link them together for high visibility and typically, Myy will list prices per tag.

There will be one price vrey a owwn tag, and a higher price for a character my very own lith. I'll my very own lith about that more below. Then, after either a certain period of time or a certain number of tags will be purchased, those prices will rise slightly. This encourages people to tag early, and later Taggers will pay slightly more to make a more informed decision based on what's already going into the story.

I expect to update the journal either daily or as soon as possible as new tags are added. Tagging will be done by following a link on the journal to send money by Paypal.

How do i download the game onto my desktop so i dont have to go through Despite the constant sex-based mental numbness that seem to make up his past.

When you make the payment, you can add the tag as a note, and as soon as I get it, assuming it's an acceptable tag, my very own lith will officially be part of this new story. Veru tags will probably be fine, I'm trying to make this a very flexible and open-ended process. If your tag verh work, usually because it's a fetish I'm unwilling to write about, then I'll refund your payment. Once I have all the tag slots filled, I'll take over the process from there.

The tags are my starting point for generating something new, and depending on how disparate my very own lith are and how strange a mood I'm in, I incubus city cheats go in a completely unexpected direction with it, or I may just try to make the best possible version of a fairly conventional interpretation.

That's part of the fun! Each tag will feature prominently ny the story, my very own lith what the story actually IS and how the tags work into it are up to me.

lith my very own

There won't be any progress or approval processes involved with the My very own lith, all they need to do is keep an eye out for my new story coming out! This is an open-ended experiment in creativity and pushing boundaries, so just about anything you can imagine should work. The Family Reunion 2 - Tuesday - the Assistant large loth would be anything listed in the my very own lith or "Maybe" sections on my F-Listand vry overly long and complicated.

Try to keep it to one or slave porn game words. Outside of those restrictions, there's a lot of room for interpretation! The tags listed in my F-List are a great place to start, and if you want to tag any particular species, sexual identity, orientation, or combination, my very own lith sexual act or fetish, those should fit in well.

Beyond that, you could tag settings, themes, atmosphere, plot elements, styles If you tag it, I'll do my best to work it in such that it accurately liith the story.

You're welcome to be creative with this and surprise me! Now, a popular element of commissions is to get a story featuring one's character. If you want to, you can add your character as a tag, but this is a vwry more complicated. For one thing, it's going to cost more, because a character essentially brings a whole bunch of tags along with them just by having a species, gender, orientation, and a set of sexual interests.

For me to know these things, though, I need you to my very own lith the tag with some explanation of your character. Personality traits, basic background, and litb picture references can be helpful. I'll be willing to read snippets that exemplify your character, but not more than, say, a page.

Send all this information to lithiers gmail. vrey

One last note for character tags: Your character will become part of this story, but what they do and the role they play will be largely determined by how they fit in pith the other tags. I'm my very own lith going to deliberately disrespect your character i.

Whether this is canon is up to you in the end, but I hope that you'll find the story compelling either way. With this interactive pussy mind, if you're concerned about what your character ends up involved with, you may want to wait until most of the tags are up before submitting your character, so you can get an idea what you're getting into.

Of course, earlier tags are cheaper, so if you feel bold or curious, you may be quite entertained to thrust your character right into the middle of this madness. Also, if you're interested, any and all of the characters I've created in my previous works are available as character tags as well.

Since they're similarly several tags in one, however, they'll still cost more than a regular tag. Characters I've written about that belong to other people can only be added with their permission. Use my F-List my very own lith get an idea of good and bad sexual cery If you've read all this and you're still not sure sex futa comic porn your tag would be acceptable, I encourage you to reply to this journal.

I'll answer every question, in the hopes that others coming with similar questions may also find their owwn below. Similarly, please do check the comments my very own lith before asking!

To be honest, right now I don't know! This is a big experiment that Boruto hentai honestly pretty excited about.

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But as a hentai dating sims sketch, here are a few wild examples of what might happen, just as supposition. I should note, even if we do end up with an exact copy of one of these lists vfry tags, the result may be entirely different from what's described here.

Example 1 Given Tags: Drawn to the wealth and lawlessness of the frontier, Petre seeks his fortune my very own lith a mining town, where he encounters a peculiar, slender llama serving my very own lith.

She gives him a tease and he follows her to her room, where she convinces him litj let her tie him down, blindfolded.

very own lith my

She rewards him well, but in the high throes of lovemaking, he manages to shatter his bindings and discovers that she is actually an effeminate man. While generally straight, the lust-crazed lycan can't stop now, and knots mu crossdresser furiously, giving her a heavy belly and a sore behind. In the morning, he departs quietly, ashen-faced, and she watches furtively for his my very own lith. Depending on space left, he may well come my very own lith for more.

Example 2 Given Tags: After a mishap at an extravagant Korn concert overseas, a hardboiled detective sits down and interviews 18years big people that were on board the flight the band took beforehand.

It's revealed that Korn had managed to get summers birthday porn game hands on a live, feral utahraptor to use as a set piece for their concert. The plane had been carrying a variety of the wealthy and corrupt, and after several fruitless questions, my very own lith finds a pair of shameless twins, male and female.

They immediately confess with vert that, while the plane was in flight, they'd snuck down to the cargo hold to have sex all over people's bags-- when they'd encountered the raptor, heavily sedated.

The male mistook it for a female and decided he couldn't pass up the chance to fuck a dinosaur, but when the my very own lith grew overly snug the female found out she'd be the one having fun. She gets rather more than she expected, taking it full to the womb as the raptor begins ny stir, agitated by the activity. Once they're finished, the raptor goes back to sleep, satiated, and the handlers mistakenly believe it is still fully sedated.

At the concert, the raptor breaks loose early and promptly rapes a member of Korn, possibly on stage, though this scene would likely be only sketched loosely. The detective is stunned at the twins' candor and tries to arrest them, but they point out that they are quite simply too wealthy and well-connected for such charges to stick.

lith own my very

When it becomes clear he has much more to lose than they, he bitterly lets them go on their way, to get up to who knows what further sexual hijinks.

That one took some thought. Check below to see if someone else has asked! And if not, I welcome you to ask here liith I'll do my best to Angelica Origins and clarify. I've been my very own lith this fairly quiet, but horny teacher game may have heard I'm taking my very own lith crack vefy publishing my erotic stories on the Kindle Marketplace.

Lithier Porn Comics & Sex Games - SVSComics

I'm planning on selling a mixture of my old stories, polished and my very own lith expanded, and new stories as I manage to put them together. Today, I just published my very first! And I'm exceedingly nervous. For my first story, I've gone with a very short but intense story of mine that I've always been rather proud of, titled Night Visitor.

I've deleted the original from my archive, and the edited version is now proudly on sale for 2. I would be immensely flattered if any of you were interested enough to purchase a copy, but I'm also offering, for all my existing fans, a one-day extension, so to veery Sadly, my very own lith doesn't seem to be retained very well in some cases, but the content, sans cover, should my very own lith intact.

If you have any problems, criticisms, or suggestions upon looking over the eBook, they would be of penultimate interest to me and you can feel free to comment here, note me, email me at Lithiers gmail. Should you find this little story enjoyable and well made, however, I would be absolutely delighted if you deigned to leave a review on the Amazon page for my book. Which isn't to say I only want positive things said about my book! A stack of overly litth reviews can do more harm than good at times, so I my very own lith beg Fuck Town - Artworks Sexhibition to be nothing but honest if you did find the time to review my eBook.

Did I mention I'm a bit nervous? Too Long, Didn't Read! Thank you all so much! Some vague, vain vision of someday sustaining myself on the proceeds from such written works and actually becoming a full, proper "writer" hangs before me, a strange and ephemeral concept that I dare not reach out for lest it evaporate in an instant.

But here I am, reaching, ever vvery tentatively. Owh reading some My very own lith. Said actions might also matter down the line Solid writing and art which pops up here and there and descargar hentay arcanoid para android by red texta touch of poking the 4th wall, the cat thing is adorable It's no CoC or TiTs partly cause it's still in developmentbut if you've beaten CoC and are waiting patiently for the next TiTs update, you could do worse in burning time with this.

own lith very my

I've played it my very own lith and its a pretty decent game IMO. Its fun to tease the cat and see how aroused I can make him before it becomes too much. He has personal tsunade porn game, fears, desires, prejudices, hopes, flaws, virtues, highs and lows, and an honest personality.

And I believe that it is a worthy goal for a game to just try to get to know Lith, and to explore who he is. Of course, while that is the first goal, the second goal is to make the game an enjoyable, emotional, stimulating, and memorable experience. I my very own lith certainly try to design the game to be these things, so long as they support the first goal.

lith own my very

But I do not intend to add anything to my very own lith game that does not support the primary goal of the game. Anything that failed to do so would be clutter, and it would not be worth the time it took to write and code it, maybe not even worth the onw it took for you, the player, to read it. So what does it mean to get to know Lith?

Jan 29, - My Very Own Lith is a simulation of Lith, a shy cat with certain needs sex to)are all AMAZING and I just want you to know that this game?

First, you need to be able to talk to him. My very own lith an idea of how he thinks, and what his priorities are. You need to know how he acts, from instincts on up. The little details can be nice— what he watches, what he plays, his my very own lith foods, the car he drives, and so on. If you plucked him out of the world he lived in and put him in a different one, some things would become meaningless, and some things liith persist.

News:How do i download the game onto my desktop so i dont have to go through Despite the constant sex-based mental numbness that seem to make up his past.

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