Inquiry Submission By jbn8

My wife and I are capable global travelers and are comfortable with piecing our own itinerary together, however I’m considering a tour to maximize our time in the Angkor Wat complex and the surrounding temples.

Next week we’ll arrive in Siem Reap around noon on the 5th and fly out the morning of the 7th. I’m looking for advice on how to structure our visit. We’d like to start visiting the temples on the 5th.

Ticketing: Right now, I’m thinking that we purchase a 1 day pass after 5:00 pm the day we arrive see a couple of temples and return the next day for the full day.

Tour vs. Driver: Any thoughts on pre-arranging a private tour vs. just arranging for a Tuk Tuk driver?

Itinerary: For the first day, looking to catch a sunset. Bakheng Hill and Pre-Rup Temples have been recommended. Thoughts?

Tours or Drivers: Recommendations or things I should be looking out for?