Inquiry Submission By wombat123

Hi. We are a 60s couple who are looking at 10 to 14 unpressured days in Cambodia (late Nov/early December). We thought to include Saigon but there seems plenty to do just from the bases of Siem Riep and Pnom Pen. I should say we like a slow pace, laid back with rest days. And this is just part of a trip so we don?t want to have a big wish list filling all our time.

Looking at: trips to specific sites (Angkor Wat clearly a must), cookery courses, markets and local way of life, rural trips, and boat trips, it looks like we can easily fill our time. And hopefully we do not need to book in advance and can play it as we feel. (We prefer private trips, just us/driver/guide).

So our plan is to find a nice hotel (somewhere to relax, swim, and with AC as my wife is mozzie bait), in both places as a base. Arrange to fly in to Siem Riep from Bangkok, internal flight Siem Riep to Pnom Pen, and then fly back to Bangkok.

But as we have time is there another part of Cambodia we could spend 3 or 4 days at, that would give us a different perspective? Or should we put Saigon back in? Or is there so much to enjoy we’ll have no trouble filling our time?

If we?ve missed anything obvious, or there are suggestions, all would be welcome.