Inquiry Submission By ManuelaC20142014

Hi fellow travelers

Trip advice to help me decide where to spend 11 days in Cambodia (arriving next week) – trying to not to go back to PP too many times.

Also not considering entering Vietnam from Kampot as I’ll be travelling with a friend to the Delta from HCMC and arrive to Ha Tien to get the boat to Phu Quoc.

Arrive PP 05/03 – 2 days, I need to be in HCMC by 16/03 PM or 17/03 AM — I need an international land border that will issue the 15 day visa waiver.

Maybe International border entries from Kratie or Mondulkiri to arrive in HCMC if not too complicated instead of going back to PP for a direct journey to HCMC.

After researching, I like the sound of Kratie and Kampot, as there seem to be a lot to do by bike with and without a tour, riverine location, small islands, not super busy.

I need your help to decide on another destination or two if feasible. Mondulkiri (different landscape and Bunong people, hills, jungle), Kampong Chhnang (pottery villages and low key floating villages, again different landscape and people), possibly Chi Phat or Chambok CBET but public transport being slow to more remote places am not positive this is feasible.

Active in my 50s, I like cycling in the countryside and in towns, love waterways, scenery, different landscapes. I enjoy meeting locals, having some insight on how they live without it becoming a human zoo, no strenuous activities but enjoy some hiking, some kayaking in calm waters, riding in small boats. Exploring the culture through interacting with locals. Although I usually have more time and prefer slow travel, this trip is different and I tend to see too much on shorter trips…

I try to avoid big tour groups and very touristy places but interested in small tours. Prefer independent travel using public transport, am traveling solo. Don’t mind longish trips but need at least 2 nights in the same place to rest a bit and meet people. Budget medium, not fussed with occasional treats.

Last question, as March 8th is a holiday – and a long weekend, are transport and tours running? Any place particularly busy with visitors I should avoid? I’m thinking of traveling out of PP to one of the places listed above on March 7th.

Sorry for the lengthy request, any suggestions as to the possible itinenary would be very appreciated. Thanks for your help!