Inquiry Submission By Crawlabout

My other half and I will be visiting Cambodia at the tail end of August/ early September. We have been researching and have whittled down our wishlist somewhat but it is still looking a bit too packed for the time available. We would really appreciate some views / guidance on how we may be able to trim this down. Our flights and in and out of Siem Reap.

We have 14 nights in total and the same number of full days, when excluding our flight days. We are a late 20s couple and are interested in gaining an insight into local culture and food, visiting some of the key attractions (Angkor Wat and surrounding temples!) and historical sites, as well as enjoying the countryside and scenery. We enjoy exploring and walking/ cycling/ kayaking etc but we are not looking for multiday hikes or adventure activities. We are also not concerned about staying in areas with nightlife.

Our current wishlist includes:

Siem Reap & surrounds


Phnomh Penh


Sen Monorom

We have excluded the south and the islands for this trip as we understand this is the height of wet season and so are not prioritising beach time (although there are a few towns which really appeal – will have to save for another trip).

Our questions are, in your personal opinion are there places in our wishlist which may meet what we are looking for more than others, or which would be better/worse to visit during wet season?

Any ideas on how to pull these together into an itinerary would also be much appreciated – we are currently thinking SR-> Battambang (by boat) -> Phnomh Penh -> Sen Monorom or Kratie -> Siem Reap. The nature and wildlife opportunities around Sen Monorom really appeal to us and the draw to Kratie is the kayaking trips on offer and the chance to stay in a homestay on Koh Trong. If we have a longer stay in Siem Reap it looks as though there are kayaking opportunities at the top end of Tonle Sap which could perhaps be an alternative if we missed Kratie. Are there any other areas a homestay could be an option? A main reservation against Sen Monorom is the long journey back to Siem Reap at the end of the trip.

Apologies for the essay and volume of questions. We would really value your opinions and knowledge, or any recommendations of other resources we can use to help us in our decision making.

Thank you!!!