Inquiry Submission By CHOCABLOC

Hey I land next week at midnight, but fly to siem reap the next morning at 7am.I will spend another full day in PP on my way back from Saigon. Just thinking logistically for an early flight I need to be there around 5am if not earlier. I can’t use public transport in the night to get to the city, so would it make sense for me just to sleep in an airport hotel as I will have to book for the night before and essentially check out the day I arrive which is enough time to flop and rest. Then travel to a hotel in the city when we’re rested hopefully by lunchtime to enjoy the sites, as we will need to go back in the day etc to change, relax etc. Bit of faffing but I feel it makes the best sense as we can’t nip back to the airport Hotel and will either be out all day or travelling back and forth from an airport hotel which is stupid. Am I at the mercy of tuk tuk/taxi drivers costs at 4am to get me to the airport the next morning, grab app is not working atm. Or is there a better suggestion to avoid faffing. Thanks