Inquiry Submission By travelwithanda

Hi everyone, I know you will say “not another tour guide question”, but I am really confused here, so I would appreciate if you could help me out or send me a link to the topic if it has been discussed recently. I got several emails from tour guides, but one seem to be quite expensive (180$ for 1 day guided tour and 1 day driver only is in my opinion quite high, plus we need to pay 130$ for tickets…), and others seem to be inflexible (I asked them not to do the sunrise tour the first day because we will be tired from flights, and they refused, saying “no changes are possible”). Should I go for hotel recommendations? Because we are arriving very late to Siem Reap (10 pm) and I am afraid there won’t be time to arrange everything for the morning pickup. Can anyone send me a PM with emails from “real people”, not agencies? Thanks!