Inquiry Submission By Ana P

Hi, fellow travellers! I would love to hear from anyone with lots of experience travelling through South East Asia, what you think of my itinerary. I took 3 weeks off from end of August to beginning of September 2020 to go on my first trip ever to the Asian continent. I am excited to see as much as possible. This is what I have planned. Please let me know what you think. Thank you kindly.

Fly from LAX to Siem Reap

Spend 4 full days in Siem Reap: see Angkor Wat and surrounding temples

Fly from Siem Reap to Krabi, Thailand

Spend 3 full days in Krabi: see Railay Beach and the 1000 steps Temple, potentially Emerald Pools

Fly from Krabi to Singapore

Spend 3 full days in Singapore: see Gardens by the Bay, Zoo, Sentosa Island, eat at a hawker

Fly from Singapore to Kyoto

Spend 2 full days in Kyoto

Fly from Kyoto to Tokyo

Spend 3 full days in Tokyo

Fly from Tokyo to LAX

I have reserved the whole day for whenever I have to fly to the next destination so I could potentially enjoy things during days with flights, depending on the time and length of the flight. What do you recommend as must see in these places? Do you think I am cramming too much in 3 weeks? IfThank you for your recommendations!