Inquiry Submission By Jose Luis

Hello everyone! Firts of all I apologize for my English, I’m working on it ­čÖé

I’m preparing a 27days trip around Cambodia and I would like to know if my itinerary is viable, as well as asking you some important questions!

My initial itinerary is, broadly speaking, as following:

July 3: Departure from Madrid

4-7: Arrival in Phnom Penh and 3 days stay to know the city.

8: Early departure, by car with driver, to Kompong Chhnang to visit during the morning the markets and floating villages, and after that arriving in the afternoon to Kompong Luong.

9: Visiting the villages on the lake next to Kompong Luong and continue the journey towards Battambang. End of car service with driver.

10-11: Battambang and motorcycle tours through the temples and surrounding villages.

12: Boat trip from Battambang to the temples of Angkor.

12-16: Siem Reap and Angkor temples (Three-day entry to the temples, and other activities) It would be better to avoid the weekend and place Angkor in other date on the trip, due to awoid the crowds?

17-19 / 20: Trip with car with driver through the northern temples (Beng Mealea, Preah Khan, Koh Ker and Prasat Preah Vihear). Maybe it’s better to do this trip first, and after that, the way back to Angkor, to know the main temples avoiding the weekend.

20 / 21-24: Going down to the south and stay in the Kampot-Kep-Takeo area.

25-28: Island (Koh Rong Sanloem?) We’re looking for beautiful beaches without to much constructed areas.

29: Return to Phnom Penh and flight to Madrid.

I find complete enough this itinerary but with time available to enjoy the destinations. My main question is whether this plan leaves something really important without visiting, and if it is worth the trip by the west from Phnom Penh to the villages of Lake Tonle Sap and after that Battambang, with the intention of avoiding the most tourist floating villages in the surroundings of Angkor, or if it would be better to proceed by the east towards Kratie and reach the northern temples and then go to Angkor.

On the other hand, the routes that I propose with a car with driver, I imagine it similar to what I have already done in countries such as Burma or Thailand: the idea is to hire the driver in the city or hotel of departure, in order to travel a few days trough temples and villages according to agreed itinerary, until the next destination.

Is it worthwhile to eliminate some part to have more time in others? The fact of leaving the south and the beach for the end is an imperative of the trip because of my girlfiend:)

The last question is if it would be better to avoid some place of my itinerary in order to spend some days in Cardamomos National Park. I’m not sure if, -after being in national parks of Malaysia last year-, Cardamomos can worth the time rather than Battambang, the south or the northern temples.

Our main interests are temples, landscapes, towns and rural surroundings little crowded.

I would appreciate any advice in this regard.

Greetings to all of you!

Jose Luis