Inquiry Submission By TravellingCurls

Hii, this is my first time making a post so forgive me if I ask too much but I sincerely appreciate all the help!!

OK SO, I am currently on a student exchange in Singapore and once the semester is over (early May), my sister will be visiting me and we’re planning on backpacking to a few countries for about 3-4 weeks then flying back home to Toronto from Singapore. We are students so our budget’s a bit tight and why we can’t do much longer but we were thinking to do Indonesia (spec. Bali and maybe surrounding islands like Gili) for about 10 days, Philippines, Vietnam, and maybee a short couple day stops in Thailand Cambodia or Malaysia (if too much which place would you cut out?)

I was wondering if anyone can give advice on a rough itinerary/best route from which country to what or how long to stay in each??? Honestly any advice even on what hostels, cheap tricks, must sees/don’t bother with some places?

Also, I have already been around Thailand but my sister really wants to go so she may go earlier than me & I may just meet her there to start off our journey. BUTTT we heard about the full moon party and were thinking to go any insights?? Thing is it would be around the 19th of May so near the middle of our travelling so would it be an inconvenience/ruin the flow of the route to go just for that?

Sorry for all the questions once again! It’s my first time doing all this so any tips are really appreciated! Thank youuu:)