Inquiry Submission By trevorj391

Flight lands at Siem Reap airport at 9:30 am so I guess it’s too late to start a temple day since people are usually starting at 5-6am for that sunrise right?

What would be your recommended 3 day itinerary? I was just thinking of getting the 3 day angkor wat pass and doing a 3 day tuk tuk tour. Anything else that you think is truly worth replacing temple time for?

On the evening of the 3 day, I plan to fly out to Vietnam (Da Nang) and trek North to Hanoi. After Vietnam, I’ll be doing Philippines. That said, I was advised that waterfalls/beach are better in those countries so just spend time at the temples, try some cool food, get a massage after a day of walking and check out the night market.

I’m welcome to any suggestions as nothing has been booked or set in stone.