Inquiry Submission By Crystal F

Now that the wedding is over my new husband and I can focus on the 3 weeks we’re going to spend in Cambodia in November! We traveled to Thailand a few years ago and fell in love and can’t wait to get back to SEA. We love the culture, the mix of city and country, the people and of course the food!! This is definitely the longest leisure trip either one of us has ever been on so hoping for your help on order of cities we’ve picked and duration for each stay.

We are very SLOW travelers and love being able to get familiar w/ an area, eat at our favorite restaurant twice, and ensure that we plan for rest days to enjoy alone time together. For this trip we’re essentially planning for 5 days in 4 locations although I’m not totally sold on this just yet. I’m also curious if there are any overnights we might consider outside of PNH or REP as I’m a bit concerned w/ 10 days in cities upon our arrival to CAM.

Loose itinerary is as follows:

Nov 8 – 12th – Arrive into PNH. Staying at the Pavilion. We discovered that the water festival is happening right when we arrive and were encouraged to stay until the final day of it hence the duration of the stay. Thoughts? We will also be visiting the killing fields and some other historic sites.

Nov 13th – 17th – Fly to Siem Reap. Staying at either the Khmer Mansion Residence or the Privilege Boutique. Discover Ankor and surrounding temples, eat all the street food, enjoy spa and pool time as well.

Nov 18th – 22nd – Travel to Koh Rong S (via flight to Sihanoukville). Haven’t planned anything for here but laying on the beach.

Nov 23rd – 27th – Travel to Kampot via taxi from Sihanoukville. Hiking, kayaking, eating crab! My husband can’t wait to ride scooters here. A friend of mine told me that 5 days might be too many here?

Nov 28th – Head back to PNH

Nov 29th – Depart back to Seattle

Thanks in advance for your advice!