Inquiry Submission By DnA_London


I am in the process of putting together an itinerary for our (2 pax) 3 week visit to Cambodia in September this year.

Our main interest is to see the Angkor temples and after that to experience a mixture of Cambodian life, with some down time on a beach included. (Appreciate we shall be in the rainy season so beach weather can be hit and miss).

This is where I am at the moment – open to/looking for advice/alternative suggestions.

Thurs 5 Sep Fly out overnight London-Bangkok-SR

Fri 6 Arrive Siem Reap

Sat 7 Siem Reap

Sun 8 Siem Reap

Mon 9 Siem Reap

Tues 10 Siem Reap

Weds 11 Siem Reap

Thurs 12 Siem Reap

We want to see as many of the temples as possible, including the more remote ones, and possibly re-visit some. The rationale behind 6 full days in SR is to allow us the flexibility of when to see which temple (day/sunrise/sunset), taking into account possible rain conditions and also to have some downtime in the afternoon. We could probably shave a day off this however if needed elsewhere.

Fri 13 Bus SR to Sisophon; Taxi to Banteay Chhmar (or could get private taxi direct to BC from SR if time is tight). We would stay overnight in a homestay and arrange a guide through the local CBT. Depending on method of transport and therefore time of arrival, we would probably do some local activity on this day (e.g walking, bike ride) and visit the temple the next morning.

Sat 14 Banteay Chhmar – temple in the morning. PM taxi to Battambang (either private taxi all the way, or to Sisophon to pick up bus to Battambang). Overnight Battambang.

Sun 15 Day and overnight Battambang

Mon 16 Bus to Phnom Penh.

Tues 17 Phnom Penh

Weds 18 Phnom Penh

Thurs 19 Phnom Penh

(We could maybe give up a day in PP for another full day in Battambang? Need to read a bit more about each).

Fri 20 Fly PP to Sihanoukville; Ferry to Koh Rong Samloem

Sat 21 Koh Rong Samloem

Sun 22 Koh Rong Samloem

Mon 23 Koh Rong Samloem

Tues 24 Ferry to Sihanoukville; Bus to Kampot

Weds 25 Around Kampot

Thurs 26 Bus or Crab shuttle to Kep for day, back to Kampot

Fri 27 Kompot to Phnom Penh (Train? Or not running atm? Otherwise bus).

Sat 28 Fly home PP to London via Bangkok

We would have preferred to finish up with the beach leg, but looking at flights back to London, it is much cheaper to route from PP rather than Sihanoukville. Therefore I thought adding in Kampot after the beach can still be a bit chilled, not too hectic (depending on what sightseeing we do, but no particularly early mornings), and then back to PP the night before our morning flight.

Are we trying to fit in too much or is this feasibly “doable”? I have tried to frontload the first half of the itinerary with most of the busy/tiring sightseeing.

Thanks in advance for reading and any thoughts.