Inquiry Submission By Otteryman

Hi All

My wife and me (both mid 50’s) have planned a 3 week visit to Cambodia starting early Dec 2019. I have been looking through many of the responses in this forum and have gleamed some great information/ideas. Like many we would like to get an insight into Cambodia even though we are planning to see many of the well know sites/places.

We are both fairly active, but not “white knuckle” riding types we love walking, seeing sites. My outline plan is as follows:

Fly into SP from Hanoi (where we have had 3 weeks in Vietnam).

Spend 4 days in SP (excl. travel days)

Take the bus to Battambang and spend 3 days

Take the bus to PP and spend 3 days

Take the bus to Kampong Cham 3 days and stay at the Bamboo Eco place that has been mentioned several times in the forum.

We need to catch a flight on 24 Dec to Phukett from PP.

My question is any suggestions of somewhere either between Battambang and PP we could stop off for a few days or somewhere between Kampong Cham and PP.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.