Inquiry Submission By Saul O

We are planning a trip for 5-6 weeks to those 5 countries, from ~ 1/ 8/21 to 2/18/21. Arriving and leaving from BKK in JAL ( offers direct flights from San Diego to Narita). Going to be 70 and 79 at that point. We are interesting in nature, culture, and interaction with local people when possible. We are in reasonable shape for our age. Plan to have private transportation and guides during the whole travel as full travel insurance, stay in 4 start hotel. We have travel a good amount around the world, but not in that area. Looking for a trip where we don’t rush much, time to enjoy the trip. Do not care much about big cities, just used them as headquarters when convenient, hotels, restaurants, taxis.

What about something like this ?

1) 4 days in the Bangkok area.

2) Fly.to Mandalay, stay 2 days.

3) Go to Bagan, stay 3 days.

4) Fly to Heno and visit Inte Lake 3 days.

5) Fly to Yangon , stay 3 days.

6) Fly to Luan Prabang for ~ 5 days

7) Go to Hanoi area for 4 days

8) Go to Hoi An ~ 3 days.

9) Fly to Siem Reap for ~ 4 days

10) Back to BKK stay at hotel close to airport.

Is this to much? We want to take as a vacation not to run a marathon.

If we need to cut what do we cut? Please, we welcome any suggestion.

Thanks, Saul