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I apologise in advance for a long post. I’ve been trying to work out an itinerary for our trip and have come to the conclusion that we really want to see and do far too much! We have a 6 year old child with us and we’re going in April so I’m aware that we don’t want to spend whole days trekking round the temples. This is what I’ve come up with so far (with loads of things I don’t know how to fit in), any suggestions and advice would be welcome. Does it look like a ridiculous itinerary? I’m pretty sure I’m probably way off with the temple timings.

Day 1 – arrive 11am ish. Staying at Sokkhakk Boutique Resort. It’s not a long flight as we are staying in Singapore first. Tuk tuk arranged to check in at hotel. Have lunch.

– Visit Angkor National Museum

– Get Angkor Park tickets – see sunset at Angkor Wat or maybe Srah Srang?

Day 2 – Early morning – Ta Promh

Ta Keo


Angkor Thom and Bayon

The Elephant and Leper King terraces


Lunch then pool/spa time at hotel. Dinner at hotel?

– Phare Circus

Day 3 – Preah Khan

– Neak Prean

– Ta Som

– East Mabon

– Pre Rup

– Srah Srang

– Pravast Kravan


Pool/Spa Time

– Wat Thmey

Dinner at Haven restaurant possibly?

– Sacred Dancers of Angkor

Day 4 – Angkor Zipline

– Bugs Cafe

– Garavek Storytelling

Day 5 – Apopo Visitor Centre – fly back to Singapore approx 4 pm.

I’m aware that I haven’t even factored in time to see Angkor Wat properly. Where would you put this in the itinerary? Is there anything that I’ve completely missed out? Is there anything I should take out? I haven’t put in sunrise because I’m not sure about that yet. I don’t know how patient our daughter would be waiting for the sun to come up or how she would feel about such a huge crowd for it either, so I’m still in two minds about that.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance!