Inquiry Submission By Mrvolturi

I’m gonna share my experience on doing a solo trip to SR for 6 days

Airport was a bit confusing with me but only because i didn’t know about the custom declaration thingy and the office doing that is quite unhelpful

All transaction is done by USD, using riel with it is painless and not too complicated

Grab and PassApp are not just necessary to book but to give reference to price to tuk-tuk if you dont want to wait

The hostel i stayed it in which is Onederz Siem Reap was quite good, with a nice location thats near to places like pub street or the night market and also quiet enough to relax and enjoy the two pools that they have, with a good 24 hr desk with plenty of food options nearby and a grocery store to boot while also serving quality food if you want to eat at the place. The social environment is nice and conducive to meeting new people which is what i’ve done

Grocery can be done, with the best one being the Angkor Market near road 6 which can be quite far but there’s also a smaller one nearer to the city and also other grocery stores such as thai huot, triangle and chao sang hok. Essentials like hygiene product are reasonably priced, local beer is cheap but some stuff such as snacks like crackers are noticeably more expensive than Thailand or Malaysia. Booze such as liquor is priced nicely but there are some that are better priced, scotch, brandy and bourbons are the best bargains with good selections but rum and tequila might be a bit limited. Adventurous folks can try the snake or scorpion infused liquor or the cheaper local spirits

On my 1st day, i arrived quite early and was picked up by the hostel, it was a bit of wait to get the room ready at 2 o clock as i arrived at 10. So i tried familiarizing myself with the area, one should note that Google Maps is a travelers best friend and i used a fair amount of it to dictate places to eat. Lunch was at a place called Happy Taco which is a small restaurant, ordered the chimichangas and it was good. I rented a bicycle to go around and bought stuff in the angkor market at national road 6. Later on i took my bicycle out to go and buy the ticket at the office, it was not too far of a journey and the queue for anything other than 1 day seems to be short, at least in the evening. Evening was spent by me in the upstairs pool and freshening up with beer, while dinner was had at Burger Gourmand which has excellent patty and chips.

On Day 2, Angkor was at my mind and i had a mountain bike ready to go by 7 am after breakfast at the hostel, my inexperience with cycling and slightly overweight nature means i took 40 minutes to finally reach Angkor, which i only got around to going on the entrance and the moat, wanting to skip on ahead and do the grand circuit. By 11 i was in Angkor Thom and was in Bayon. It’s one of the most interesting temples on account for the faces and the carvings on the walls of it. After i was done with that one i was cycling beside the elephant terrace when disaster happened and the bike broke down. Had to dole out 10$ to bring the bike to SR. Fortunately i made friends with a roomie there. . In the evening i had a walk in Pub St but had dinner in a nice little place called Joe to Go.

The 3rd day is a day for the rest after the unfortunate events of my first trip to Angkor, i had breakfast in a Sister Srey cafe and was again going for a quick dip at the rooftop pool. Later on i invited my roomie and her friend for lunch at a place called Try Me which had nice economical food and especially superb amok, i had myself fried rice and mango shake which i thoroughly enjoyed. For the evening i was at the War Museum which is a bit of disappointment because everything has been rusted out but it was still cool and informative. Dinner came around and we were browsing around for food until we found a place called the Hideout, service was a bit lacking but the food i had which was a rib eye steak ticks all the boxes.

For the next day i was up and early and had a nice carbonara at the missing socks cafe, me and my friend looked around at the old market and had a nice ice cream roll to go. Finally at 12:30 we were all ready for the sunset tour which uses the grand circuit with a tour guide. It’s good to have a guide to explain the history and gain knowledge of the ruins there. We watched the last sunset at Pre Rup and made our way to Genevieve for dinner, which had bit of a wait for the food which was worth it, definitely would recommend the lok lak and the quesdadilas there.

On my 5th day everyone was up early for the Angkor sunrise, there are plenty of people at the temple already by 6 but it’s not hard to get a good shot as there can be gaps. Angkor Wat is definitely my favourite temple due to its magnificence. Later on we followed the short circuit and was done with the last temple being Ta Keo. We’ve had lunch at Bong Srey Mith Loar which had all around nice food and spent the evening at the night market and had a good massage there.

By the 6th day everyone was templed out so we planned a free and easy day for us. Breakfast was had in a bakery called Le Pain du COEUR and i’ve had a healthy serving of panini. I had skipped lunch that day and in the evening at 5 we were heading to Phnom Krom to watch the sunset. It was quite a climb to get there from the base but the view had made it up seeing the countryside and the beautiful sunset which signals a perfect ending for my trip there. During dinner i planned to end it with a huge meal in Citadel at Sofitel Angkor. The choice was amazing and there was plenty of food with a few cooking stations that is all cooked beautifully. Even though i had an early flight next day i couldn’t sleep so i spent it drinking away at the X Club which was quite wild and rowdy but it was worth the experience partying when even Pub Street has closed down.

Overall, i believe that Siem Reap has plenty to offer to people and you’re going to enjoy the people there, whether it’s travellers and all the locals who had been good to us.