Inquiry Submission By Positive

Just an alert to would be travelers to Cambodia. Basic sanitation is not practiced by pretty much everyone especially when it comes to food preparation. I?ve gone to Cambodia nine times in 2 1/2 years and each time I go I always get food poisoning/stomach illness. I never think anything of it as a take my stomach pills and my diarrhea goes away once I get home. But on this last trip I got a severe fever, I went to a Cambodian hospital and they guessed I had typhoid fever which was a wrong diagnosis, Once I got home and went to ER -what I had was an abscess on my liver caused by the many times Of food poisoning i got while in Cambodia. Passing parasites, amoebas, bacteria through my colon, something eventually made it to my liver and got me extremely sick. This is just a heads up to all those that think food poisoning and diarrhea while in Cambodia is not a big deal, it actually is and you have no idea what infection or bacteria eating non-sanitize food will cause. If you get sick do not trust Cambodian hospital anything and do your best to make your way home and get medical attention in your home country.