Inquiry Submission By EverWonderer

I was very fortunate to visit this village on a private tour organised by a tourist assistant, Mrs Davy Keo on a half day trip.

Located approximately 30 km from Phnom Penh it conveniently located en route to the ancient capital of Oudong and further towards Kampong Chhnang Province and can be visited as part of a morning tea breaks when heading to those regions or as an easy half day trip from the capital.

This village is a home to approximately 500 families, earning their living by making bespoke traditional silver and copper jewellery, silverware and ornaments by hand, the same way as their ancestors did for hundreds of years. The goods are then sold via a middleman to for distribution across the country.

The commune was prosperous prior to Khmer Rouge years but were evicted from their land during the genocide. Many families have perished, especially those belonging to Christian and Cham Islam religious minorities. As a result, there is a number of elderly widows in the village, surviving only thanks to charity of their neighbours.

The quality of many pieces is truly exquisite (I ended up buying several) and the price is a fraction of what you pay at the tourist shops or markets.

This village is not on any mainstream tourist maps and the locals will be happy to talk to you about their lives and explain/demonstrate the process of silver and copper making. It was great to see the next generation of craftsmen and women joining their parents in the workshop after school.