Inquiry Submission By Joy K

Hi all,

we visited Siem Reap a couple months ago. I must say it was not the best part of South Asia we’ve been to. The experience at this particular restaurant was a big part of it. I am writing our experience in this forum so that in case anyone with the appetite for Chinese food visits Siem Reap can avoid it.

The hotpot restaurant is located right on the side of Vattanac Bank on Sivutha Blvd. Unfortunately, the restaurant does not even show up on Google Map so I cannot even write a one-star review on the business. The restaurant basically tries to scam people by writing all their menu in Chinese yuan currency, and when you try to pay, the exchange rate written on the menu applies 1 Yuan = 1 USD. The exchange rate they apply didn’t even show up until they tweaked the tablet, they were using, and it was written on the side that were not visible unless you look for it. We were charged 71 USD for a hotpot dinner for 3 people. We are from London: it is what we would pay in a small Chinese restaurant in London but not in the middle of Siem Reap!