Inquiry Submission By fryi r


I’m traveling as a single female Dec 24 for 10 days and I wanting to visit Cambodia (sr , pp and a beach for a night /day) .

I prefer to book my own hotels and flights but could I have recs for small tour groups and or private driver please with car pref ?

My concern is when walking in markets I might get lost and or temples if they are large I might get confused with the heat etc and not find my way back . Lol I do have street smarts and some intelligence ?? but in a new and different environment I might get a bit thrown of .

Do you think a tour group is better or would some of the drivers accompany to through these places or am I just being to over anxious about the whole thing ? Some advice is really appreciated please .

I prefer air cond car and I’m happy to pay the going rate but what I’m really looking for is reassurance do I would prefer to book ahead of being there with relied upon and personal recs .

Any help is much appreciated