Inquiry Submission By Amber P

Kia ora

Family of 6 (ranging from 15 – 70yrs of age) looking at traveling from Bangkok to Battambang (Cambodia) by train and then by taxi/bus to Koh Chang.

We’ve lived in Asia previously, so have done Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Sean Reap and Phonm Pehn already, so were looking for something different to do. Last Xmas we caught the night train to Chiang Mai and we really enjoyed it.

1. Is Battambang worth visiting for approx a week?

2. Is the train easy to do? (e.g. getting tickets, crossing the border, coordinating between Thai and Cambodian Railways)

3. Is it easy to sort a minibus to get from Battambang to the Thai border and then from there to Koh Chang.

4. Another option is flying into Sihanoukville and spending some time there (or the likes of Phu Quoc) but then from reading reviews they don’t sound that great. But we’re open to suggestions ­čÖé Are there other places that people would recommend?