Inquiry Submission By hasan


We are currently planning on travelling to Cambodia for our anniversary in December 2019. We have a little over 2 weeks to spend and I wanted some advice on the itinerary:

We will start with 6 days in Siem riep with just exploring all of the historical sites and exploring the city. Then we will fly to Sihanoukville where we will be staying in Otres beach and spend the anniversary and go to different islands like so:

day 1: Arrive in Sihanoukville and rest + explore the city and the beach

day 2: Celebrate anniversary in the resort

day 3: head to Koh Rong, explore the island and spend 1 night

day 4: Ferry from Koh Rong to Koh Rong Samloen, spend 2 nights in Koh rong samloen

day 5: Koh rong samloen

day 6: Take ferry back to Sihanoukville, chill at the resort

day 7: Whole day in Koh thmei, sleep in the resort in Sihanoukville

day 8: Whole day in Koh ta kiev, sleep in the resort in Sihanoukville

day 9: chilling in Sihanoukville

day 10: flight back

I am a little bit confused on how much time to spend in Koh rong and Koh rong samloen? What do you guys think?

Edited: 6:48 am, September 18, 2019