Inquiry Submission By Rudeyna Q

Hi, hoping for some insight from this group. We will be traveling to Cambodia in May and looking for a place to unwind for 3 days between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We are essentially looking for a “nice” place, with clean rooms and modern bathroom, good food and drinks and a place with a view. possibly a touch of luxury. Not planning to do much sight-seeing those three days, maybe a day trip to see things nearby. We’ve narrowed it down to three relatively different places and i was wondering if anyone has any insights on these.

Alila Villa Koh Russey – the pictures look nice, reviews decent. This seems to be off Sihanoukville – about a 15 minute boat ride. With the horror posts i’ve seen about Sihanoukville lately, will Koh Russey be a quiet place or the dirt/construction of Sihanoukville extend to Koh Russey?

Knai Bang Chatt: Seems to have decent reviews. but unsure about quality of rooms. pictures of ground look great, pics of rooms not so much. Has anyone stayed here recently?

Le Bokor Palace: This is the most perplexing one. The location on top of a mountain overlooking the sea and jungle seems amazing. Rooms also seem decent, a newly opened hotel in a historic building. But there are very few reviews in TA for this. there was one today after a ~5 month hiatus. I would love to stay here if it is a quiet place but apprehensive about lack of reviews. What am i missing here?

We will be staying at Palace Gate at PP and Viroth Villa at SR.

all thoughts welcome!

Edited: 2:40 pm, October 15, 2019