Inquiry Submission By SW0590

I am sure you are aware but just like to add my 2 cents worth. Like most Asian tourist destinations Angkor Wat and surrounds are being ruined by mass bus loads or Chinese, Vietnamese and I guess other countries tourists as well. Like Bali… like Vietnam. If the govt doesn’t do something about it soon it would be a real shame. They have no respect for temples…. scream at each other at the top of their lungs, stop in the middle of all stairs and block completely for everyone else just for photos… I get that I am a tourist as well…. but it ruins the whole experience and it’s such a shame. It would be great if the govt introduced a maximum amount of tourists in the temples at any 1 time, maybe had some staff around to try and control the behavior a bit… or even educate the tour guides on appropriate behaviour bedore to tell their visitors bedore they get off the bus. Ok rant over…. btw AMAZING AMAZING place…. definitely much better in the late afternoon … we did that yesterday and it was peaceful and quite serene at most places.