Inquiry Submission By TygerBright

Hi everyone!

Apologies in advance for the long post but I?m trying to get it all out of my head!

I?m now deep into the next stages of planning for my family trip to Cambodia and Thailand in April. Yes I know it?s going to be BAKING hot “pizza-oven hot” was a comment I saw on TA …tee tee! … but it?s the only time we can travel, so better April than never in my book.

I?ve been grabbing valuable information from the learned TA posters here and also from the internet generally and working a draft itinerary to work towards. I categorised the many temple options as follows:

Cat A – Bayon, Preah Khan, Beng Mealea, Banteay Srei, Ta Prohm

Cat B – Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Ta Som, Angkor Thom (gates)

Cat C – Neak Pean, Banteay Kdei, Pre Rup, East Mebon

We?ll be staying at the Sokkhak Boutique which I understand to be located midway between the town of Siem Reap and the main Angkor park so gives us a point of refuge. Our boys (11 and 13) are generally great value for being dragged around to cultural sights 🙂 We did an extensive tour in Rajasthan, India in 2016 with lots of forts, museums, early morning safaris and overnight trains. I imagine with Angkor, it?s the heat that will sap them (and us) so planning lots of time in between to rest up. I?m also an enthusiast photographer and I?m trying to plan around golden time light – ie early morning and late afternoon where I can.

Here?s what I have plotted out so far:

Day 0 – 3rd April

– Travel day

– London (eve flight) -> Bangkok -> Siem Reap (arrive next day, early eve)

** Day 1 – 4th April **

– Arrive at hotel evening

– Dinner and rest?

** Day 2 – 5th April **

– Chill day to acclimatise

– Siem Reap town stroll

– Angkor National museum

– Pick up Angkor day passes (3 day pass)

– Get a flavour of the temples by entering after 5pm and see Bayon for sunset

** Day 3 – 6th April **

– Ta Prohm – for sunrise

– Angkor

– Banteay Kdei

– Return to hotel for lunch and pool time

– Ta Som – mid afternoon

– Neak Pean

– Preah Khan – till closing time / sunset

– Phare Circus evening performance

** Day 4 – 7th April **

– Angkor Thom gates and Bayon – for opening time / sunrise

– Return to hotel for lunch and pool time

– Shopping and strolling in Siem Reap town

– Banteay Srei via tuk tuk and see countryside en-route – till closing time / sunset

– Free rest of evening

** Day 5 – 8th April **

– Beng Mealea via car – for opening time / sunrise

– Return to hotel for late lunch and pool time

– Free rest of day – maybe visit smaller temples we missed or return to those we now want to see again, go to town or laze around.

** Day 6 – 9th April **

– Breakfast and 9.20 flight to Bangkok for Thailand leg of holiday

So .. what do you think of the plan above?

Is anything jumping out as being mad and have I missed anything that is a drop-dead must see? Also would you rearrange the order of the temple visits at all?

Really appreciate your input, tips, advice 🙂