Inquiry Submission By astalex

Hi there,

Just wanted to share with you a scam I got at Angkor Wat multiple times using the PassApp app.

You order a Tuk-Tuk using PassApp, the driver arrives but he doesn’t “Swipe to arrive” on his phone, so you are in the Tuk-Tuk but you didn’t get the “Driver arrived” notification.

Then, he drives for like 5 minutes, stops (he will usually go back to where he was before getting you so when you look at his app, it looks “legit” that the ride ends here) and he says “I have no network can you cancel the ride ?” (and then he asks for a much more expensive price for the ride, outside of the app).

Sometime, the driver might cancel the ride himself (saying he has no network), be careful ! If so, negociate for the same price as the one given by the app or tell him you don’t want to continue the ride as he cancelled it.

Do not cancel anything and just say that you ordered from A to B and that you want to go to B.

If he accepts, when arriving at your destination, he will eventually not push the “Finish ride button” so you won’t have the price from the app, just ask him to do it. He might argue that the price given be the app is lower because his GPS didn’t work while he was driving in the Angkor forest but this is not true. He will try to confuse you with the fact that he didn’t “Swipe to arrive” when he picked you up.

So, be carefull. Usually, Grab drivers are better but it is hard to find one while in Angkor.

Have a great trip !