Inquiry Submission By Lena G

Hi everyone,

I am currently planning a more or less spontaneous trip to visit Siem Reap and see the famous temples of Angkor. To do so I have a few questions and I hope someone could help.

First of all the plan is to spend just 2 days in Siem Reap (already been there 2 yrs ago and want to keep it shorter now). On the first day we will arrive at 11am at the airport, so we will only be able to plan some activities for the afternoon. Here I thought of seeing the floating village since I haven’t made it last time. Is it possible to go there just for the afternoon or won’t that be enough time?

For the 2nd day my plan would be to do the grand or small circuit tour to show my travel partner the main spots of Angkor. Last time we started the grand circuit at 4.30am to see the sunrise at Angkor. However, I cannot remember when the tour finished. Now the question is basically how many hours each of the circuits take. Depending on that we will book our flights back.

If we take a private tuk-tuk starting for the sunrise at Angkor wat and focus on the major spots of the grand circuit (btw. which would you consider here?), do you think it would be doable to be back at the hotel at 2pm?

And my 3rd question: If we just buy the 1-day pass on our first day but don’t enter the park at the same day, would it still be valid on day 2? Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to get the ticket that early in the morning before the sunrise, right?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and best regards,