Inquiry Submission By Ian B


I will be heading to Angkor Wat next weekend and want a guide. However, I’m not sure to just hire a guide when I arrive or prearrange with a top-rated company on TripAdvisor. I arrive at 10 am on Friday, so I feel like having a prearranged company would be good if I wanted to see any of the temples in the afternoon. However, most of these companies only use a car and charge more. I’m trying to get a cheaper price if possible since I will be traveling alone. I also kinda want to use a tuk tuk because I feel like it is an authentic part of the experience at Angkor Wat. Still, I’m worried find a cheaper guide in Siem Reap will waste time because I will have to negotiate the itinerary and prices. Has anyone used a top-rated guide for Angkor Wat on TripAdvisor and felt it was worth the extra cost?