Inquiry Submission By BeachLover154974

We are traveling through SE Asia for two months and will be in Siem Reap sometime in March. I’m looking for advice on a recommended, budget friendly tour of the Angkor Wat Archaeological park – covering all the main circuits/temples. We will be purchasing a 3 day pass. We’re generally D-I-Y people, but the place is just too large and I’m suffering from research fatigue at the moment!

I notice a lot of Guides/tuk tuk drivers offer a combined tour of countryside/villages/Angkor Wat. I am specifically looking for someone/a tour leader who has expertise on Angkor Wat complex. A combo of transportation/guide would be ideal. Also someone who can navigate the best times to visit each site (crowds etc.)

There are 2 of us and we don’t mind going with a small group…doesn’t have to be a private tour for just us. And, how far in advance does one have to book? Thanks!