Inquiry Submission By sophihlou1986


I’ve booked my first solo trip to Asia for April next year and as much as I love planning I am getting a bit confused with all my options!

In total my trip is 17 days. I was intending to fly into Vietnam or Cambodia directly, but after getting a bargain flight to Singapore, that will be my starting (and ending destination – flight home is 8pm May 5th.)

I arrive 9am on April 19th, thinking of spending 19th/20th in Singapore (as well as my final day before my flight) so 21st – 4th I would like to head over to Cambodia and would like some help with the itinerary.

Originally I was looking to fly to Ho Chi Minh city, which I would still like to visit if possible, before Phnomh Penh, Siem Reap and as I wanted some beach time – Sihanoukville only to head over to either Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem.

Would love some suggestions on which order to do this in, if it is even feasible due to travel time, should I fly from Singapore into Siem Reap and work my way down that way and miss Vietnam altogether, or go from PP up by flying there first?

Should I use some buses, or fly? From past experiences in Asia, I know flying isn’t ALWAYS faster (not in Malaysia and Thailand I found anyway.)

I’m early 30’s, big foodie and enjoy the cultural sites and big cities more than remote places, but would like a little bit of beach time thrown in. Not on a tight budget, but would like to meet other people to enjoy a drink or two with.

Maybe any experts may feel other places are more suited to my tastes. Kep, Kampot, Battambang?

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!