Inquiry Submission By fairuzmaida

Hi, sadly I am only visiting Siem Reap for one day in January. I was thinking of staying at the Sofitel and booking the tour through them. They offer a temple tour for Angkor Wat, Banyan and Ta Prohm..

1. has anyone booked a tour through them? If so what was your experience?

2. To see those temples do I need to do a full 8 hour tour, a half day tour or hire a guide to do a private tour through the hotel?

3. They give a sunset option but do not define what that means? Does it mean you see one of the temples at Sunrise? Everyone seems to have this option is it just one crowded mess at sunrise?

4. Has the high season wound down a bit by mid January? I arrive on the 1/16/19 and leave the next day.