Inquiry Submission By OldTraveler

I?ll be here another 2 days, and I?d like to hit the NK state run restaurant for the evening show at 730. But, I?m alone.

The pluses: I speak Korean so I?ll happily translate and explain the food! And the dancing show is supposed to be good, alas I?ve been to another restaurant in another country but the show was cancelled then so I?m yet to see it! Kimchi is good…ish…

The minuses: by Cambodian standards it?s expensive, 10 ish a dish, and I?ll just tell you now if you know Korean food it?s not very good. If you dont know hey you will be fine?? because you won?t know any better. But honestly the food is quite mediocre unless this place is substantially different than others (it isn?t)

Hit me up if the 10th or 11th you would like to share a weird Korean meal!