Inquiry Submission By JackieDz

Our flight from Hanoi was very crowded. As most of you know, Vietnam has been closed off to the Chinese, so unlikely anyone was on our flight from China…

While I can?t say that there are NO Chinese Tourists here as a fact, word is that they have all cancelled. Some other groups from other countries have canceled as well, mostly due to concerns flying. My tour guides husband just got a US cancellation.

While most people were wearing face masks in Hanoi, a much smaller number are here, most westerners are forgoing them, either by choice or due to scarcity. None of the Germans, Brits or Americans seem to be wearing them.

My husband and I just observe our normal trip hygiene of hand washing and using wipes after touching railings, Etc. We were given a mask by our guide in Hanoi, but didn?t wear it. The good news is with 95% of the rest of the population wearing them, we were very unlikely to be sneezed upon. The last day there, the Sofitel required their employees to wear masks.

There were no crowds this morning at Angkor Wat. Our guide said that it looked like low season.

We left New York right after our wedding on Monday. It didn?t occur to us not to travel. We were taking Qatar airways via Doha which was off the beaten track of the virus.

We have another two weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam. Given that we were in Egypt last winter and Iran two years before that, I?m still in the keep calm and carry on mode as there are still not facts which support panic,