Inquiry Submission By Crawlabout

Good afternoon

I have been looking into options for currency and understand that the main currency used for visitors is the USD and it is best to withdraw this and then make use of any riel received in change.

We usually use our Halifax Clarity card when we travel (although will also have a back-up!). I wondered if anyone has experience with using this in Cambodia?

I also then had several specific ATM queries:

1) Am I right in thinking the ATMS dispense both USD and riel? Is this the case throughout Cambodia? We will be visiting Siem Reap, Phnomh Penh, Kratie and Sen Monorom.

2) Are there a large volume of ATMs in these areas (ie. Easy to find)?

3) Is there likely to be a scenario where ATMs could be empty of USD, eg. Over weekends? We are wondering if we should bring a contingency amount for early in the holiday. We have an initial transfer included by our accomodation so would only need cash once in the city itself.

Any advice much appreciated. Thank you ­čÖé