Inquiry Submission By agathebluess

DO NOT book with them. There is enough choice around so don?t take the chance. A 2hr trip lasted 5 hours, without air con, explanation or apologies.

I booked an 11AM departure for Sihanoukville to Kampot. They told me to be ready at 10.30AM – which I did. Unfortunate, as they picked me up at 11.15am.

We were then taken to the Champa Mekong Travel tour office, where we waited over 1 hour for another mini bus to pick us up.

When the mini bus arrived at 12.15PM or so, we started picking up everyone around town.

We were finally on the road to Kampot around 1PM. 2hrs later than planned.

I dont mind the lack of schedule as long as I?m told in advance, so I can do something else instead of waiting for hours in the heat.

The mini bus DIDNT have any aircon. And neither the office lady or the driver agreed to drop us at our guesthouse in Kampot to make up for the trouble.

The driver also randomly decided to stop in a petrol station 15mn away from Kampot to have lunch, instead of dropping us all in Kampot so we can be on our way to our guesthouse while he had lunch there.