Inquiry Submission By kiops

If you are planning to visit Cambodia, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat complex, avoid at all cost Phnom Penh!!

It is a city with no law, full of bag snatching, scam, corruption and thieves.

In just 1 and a half day, I saw too many crimes.

I was myself robbed in the street by 8 boys driving 4 motorcycles. We were 4 friends walking in the sidewalk when I was thrown to the ground violently and they stole my mobile phone. It could have been worse because when they pushed me in the middle of the street I was hit by another motorcycle. There were people on the street and nobody did anything. There was even a security guard from a near building who just watched what was happening, he didn’t move.

It was impossible to find a policeman.

With pain and bruising we went to the nearest hotel and ask for help. We tried to locate the mobile phone but the staff from the hotel persuade me about it. They explained to me that everybody gets robbed, specially mobile phones. All her family had been robbed at least once, and that is was much worse trying to locate them. They advise me to just forget about it, there was nothing to do. I told them about going to the police and make a complaint. And they even suggested me not to do that.

When we went back to the hostel, we realized that someone had stole money from our bags. Complaining to the hotel staff was no good either. So we decided to run out of town and never come back.

After sharing our experience with other local people and travelers, we have realized that we have not been the only ones.

So while the situation does not change in this city, avoid it at all costs.

However, It is a pity because it is a beautiful country and full of people that deserve more than what they are getting. Just a handful of undesirables, scammers and criminals are spoiling everything, and the government seems not to worry about it.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.